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MLE specializes in Data Centre , Power solutions & SLA for data center .MLE has over a decade experience delivering these conventional and recent innovative solutions. Yet, MLE continues position its vision and strategy on remaining the leading firm for solution innovation, quality and customer-centric service. Our Data Centre range of solutions include APC UPS; Electrical Panel, cooling (HVAC) Structured Networks , Raised Floors, inverters, battery; CCTV and security solutions; and all related software. These solutions can be stand-alone or turn-key basis.

MLE brand guarantee depends on top tier quality arrangements. These arrangements are worked around widely acclaimed excellent brands sourced from market pioneers in Europe and USA, for example, Schneider Electric, APC UniFlair, Dell and so forth .
MLE values its group, which has aggregate insight and history, and most having gone through various degrees of preparing at the makers’ manufacturing plant of these upheld brands.

Data Center UPS Solution Distributor

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Multilinkeng delivers first-level services for building your business infrastructure. We believe in offering budget-friendly services that can improve the performance rate and life span of your equipments.

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