45 kVA Voltage Regulator – IMPR-3P45


IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer; are the devices of voltage control, protection and management which are microprocessor controlled, and which have high speed semiconductor technology. They are adjusted to the right voltage value required by industrial devices that are fastly growing and that are becoming more sensitive; and they are designed to meet their continuous, settled and secure energy needs.

Nowadays, thousands of users who have totally different characteristics such as plants, hospitals, public buildings, houses, farms, constructions etc. use the same main grid. IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer optimizes the irregular electricity which different users receive from city main grid at the same time, in accordance with only your business and the electronic devices you use.

IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer which can be produced in a very wide input voltage interval for places where grid voltages drop or rise excessively; evaluates gird voltage decreases and increases in 0.020 seconds when the main grid voltage drops -60% or rises +%40 and corrects with 500V/sec. Speed. By this means, your expensive industrial devices are protected against dangerous voltage changes and also it enables your systems to work with high efficiency and without interruption.

IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer is developed to solve the technical problems the users experience with Variac Type Voltage Regulators with electro-mechanic structure which are widely used. Motor-chain systems used in electro-mechanic voltage regulators work slowly and this can not prevent many electronic devices from being affected by voltage decreases. With its microprocessor controlled semiconductor power control system, IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer works 10 times more faster than electro-mechanic systems. Brush-coal system which is used for transferring power in electro-mechanic regulators are not applicable for dusty and damp industrial environments and requires periodic maintenance. Semiconductor TRISTOR units used in IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer work in every kind of industrial environment without being affected by damp and without requiring maintenance. High energy losses arise because of large scale transformers and variac systems used in electro-mechanic systems. By using TRISTOR units in IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer, energy losses are reduced to 2%.

IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer has High Voltage, Low Voltage, Over-temperature, Overload, Short Circuit and Phase Break protections for its own operating safety and also for all electronic devices in your business to work safely. There is a “Manual By-Pass” unit which enables the loads to be transferred directly to network voltage for providing usage flexibility and working safety. It is equipped with thermomagnetic fuses in its inputs and outputs.

IMPACT Static Voltage Stabilizer is designed with its compact, esthetic and modular structure, in such a way that it can be easily connected with electric systems everywhere in the world. “BUS-BAR PANEL INPUT-OUTPUT MODULE” which is required for direct connection can be added to BUS BAR systems optionally on request.

Information such as Input Voltage, Output Voltage, and Load Amount etc. can be viewed; breakdown and warning information can be followed on LCD DISPLAY which is standard in IMPACT SVS. One may reach devices over on the web, view all information on LCD DISPLAY and change set values of the device with “REMOTE VIEWING AND MANAGEMENT”.

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