Inverter and DC Plant Service

Users of 48 volt/24 volt DC power systems face unique service challenges. MLE provides DC Plant Maintenance for those systems around the country. We install equipment and provide maintenance to identify and correct problems before they become critical.
Critical power equipment needs routine maintenance inspections to ensure all components are operating at full capacity. An on-going MLE Preventive Maintenance program helps ensure optimum system reliability and equipment life. We offer standard or customizable preventive maintenance service plans on all major manufacturers’ brands of DC Power equipment.

DC Plant Batteries Maintenance
DC Plant battery maintenance is key in making sure that your (DC Plant) system is operating at optimal efficiency and keeping your facility running. Understanding causes of DC Plant battery degradation, ways to prevent degradation and DC Plant battery maintenance options are fundamental to ensure maximum system availability and to keeping your data center and business up and running continually.
MLE provides turn-key DC plant battery replacement services including; removal and of your existing battery, installation and testing of the new batteries, and we also verify that the batteries are operating properly with your MLE’s factory trained experts will work with you to recommend the size and model of battery system that best meets your needs.

Rectifier Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance
MLE encourages all users of DC power systems to verify recitifier performance on a regular basis. Through scheduling routine maintenance, companies will enjoy increased Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF).
Routine maintenance also allows technicians to analyze all system components, from control boards to circuit breakers, to identify developing issues. Regular scheduled maintenance eliminates hot spots and load imbalances, reducing the rate of component and system failures.
The major causes of rectifier failure are neglect, age, and lightning. The most common rectifier problems include faulty meters, loose terminals, blown fuses, open structure/groundbed leads, and lightning damage. The purpose of maintenance is to systematically isolate the rectifier components until the defective part is found, and following the rectifier manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance and troubleshooting is recommended.

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