Battery Replacement

We offer full and partial battery replacement services on all major manufacturers’ battery models. Lack of maintenance is the single LARGEST contributor to battery failure; one bad battery can affect the entire cabinet. Routine maintenance programs increase up-time and extend battery life by preventing loose connections, removing corrosion, and identifying deteriorating batteries before they cause a problem.
All battery maintenance service complies with IEEE Guidelines (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) for VRLA and Flooded batteries. We offer battery solutions that are customized to fit your company’s requirements.

Battery Failure:
Every day our field engineers are exposed to batteries that have been neglected or have failed due to poor maintenance. Often this can result in a critical load loss and be costly for the end-user.
Without Maintenance Batteries:
• Reduce Up-Time
• Fail Prematurely
• Become a Safety Hazard

Battery Replacements Include:
• Testing & Full Inspection of New Batteries
• Installation of Batteries
• Comprehensive Report of New Batteries’ Baseline Reading
• Battery Removal & Disposal per EPA Standards
• Recycling Certificate

All Major Battery Brands:

Vision, Long, Narada, Yuasa, and more.

Battery Corrosion Caused By Acid

Battery Corrosion Caused By Acid

Short Caused Battery Case to Melt

Battery Corrosion Caused By Acid

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