Five Basic Troubleshooting Tips for Ups Systems and Batteries

If you experience a problem with a commercial UPS system that is critical to your business operations, it is important to contact a professional team like UPS The Online Store, who design, install and maintain UPS systems for commercial organizations across a variety of industries in Pakistan. However, if you have a non-critical problem with your system and would like to solve it yourself, we have tried to compile this short UPS troubleshooting guide can help.

Diagnosing Common UPS Problems

The specific symptoms to look for and steps to take will vary depending on the type of UPS system you have installed, but since most systems have a similar basic design and functionality, the following list of UPS problems and their solutions may be quite helpful.

UPS Failure
If the system does not start or does not turn on at all, the easiest solution is to turn the system on using the main power button. If the system still does not respond, we recommend contacting a member of UPS The Online Store’s team for expert advice. Repairing a system that will not start is best the UPS, you better get in touch with an experienced technician and have it fixed to avoid future problems.

If the system is running on battery backup while the main power is on – If the UPS system is running on battery while the main power is not off, it is most likely that a circuit breaker has tripped. The easiest solution is to reset the circuit breaker by disconnecting as many unnecessary connections as possible. If the breaker trips again, try connecting the UPS system to a different outlet.

UPS Beeping
Many uninterruptible powers supply troubleshooting problems are caused by the system beeping. There are several reasons why a system may experience this problem. It could mean that the main power has been interrupted and the system is powered by the battery, in which case nothing special needs to be done. However, it could also mean that the battery needs to be replaced or that there is a serious malfunction, in which case please contact us as soon as possible.

Orange Light On
If the orange light on the front of the UPS system is on, this is usually not a sign of a critical fault. It could simply mean that the system is running on emergency power or is in bypass mode.

Backup Time Is Greatly Reduced

If you need to solve a problem with a UPS system that shut down almost immediately after the power failure, it’s best and highly recommended to start with the health of battery. The possible reason could be that the battery hasn’t had time to fully charge since the last power outage, or most probably it has reached the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced for sure.

If you have tried to finding the cause of your problem and unable to know the exact error yet, please get in touch with our team of professionally trained and highly skilled technicians for a perfect solution. You can even check out our FAQ section for relevant help or call to speak with one of our experts without any further delay. We are available 24/7 and ensure state of the art resolution to your power outage problems.


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