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How UPS And an Electric Generator Are Different From Each Other?

Before knowing the difference we should know what UPS and Generator are. An electric generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It is based on the electromagnetic induction principle which can be explained as the creation of electric current by moving a wire next to the magnet. Generators can also produce electrical power for automobiles, aircraft, trains, and ships. On the other hand, an uninterruptable power supply provides you with a power backup when the regular power source fails or the voltage drops. During power surges, it keeps your computers and IT equipment safe and operational. 

If your property experiences any power outage it may cause you difficulty. It may take some time to restore the power. Until then how can you manage your business? In that case, a UPS and generator can keep the electricity on during an outage so you can easily manage the business and prevent your electronic items from any damage. 


Although UPS and generator have the same goal to provide you power supply each has a different power source. A UPS generally has a battery that helps to keep the system running for a limited time. It does not require any starting time and it can easily detect a moment when a power outage occurs so we can say that a UPS works instantaneously.

On the other hand, a generator can be powered on by using different energy sources. Unlike a UPS generator requires a few minutes before it can restore the electricity. In this case, we can say that a UPS is faster as compared to a generator. 

A transfer switch 

A UPS does not need any transfer switch because it is plugged into an electrical outlet or any device that is needed to be protected while a power outage. It depends on you that what type of system you are using because it can protect more than one electrical device. 

A generator has a transfer switch that is linked to a power inlet box. If the power goes out you can easily connect the generator to the power inlet box. All the transfer switches of the box must be turned off. If you don’t do so, there is a risk of overloading the power inlet box. 

Protection against power surges 

A UPS can identify different unstable factors in the power supply like frequency discrepancies and power grid disturbances. A UPS is a perfect option to protect your electrical devices against any damage caused by a power surge. 

A generator can be a bad option if you are willing to provide backup power to small appliances and electronics. 

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