UPS vs. Generators – Pros & Cons Explained

The shortfall of electricity affects people at every level, from corporate offices to big factories and even houses. To overcome this issue, people have been embracing alternative ways. Both the power supply UPS and generator systems commonly serve as a backup to temporarily make up for the absence of the original power supply. However, the main purpose of both UPS and generators is to provide power supply backup. There are many different kinds of generators and UPS available in the market so you can buy one easily based on its features and affordability. But before purchasing it, it’s important to understand the differences between both of these systems, how they work, what benefits they offer, as well as what are their disadvantages.

Pros of UPS

Before talking about the advantages of UPS, we should get to know that UPS is one of the most commonly used devices all over the world. The most beneficial thing about UPS is that it works in silence and is free of noise. However, it even keeps silent while switching to the automatic backup power supply mode. This is a major reason why people prefer having UPS for backup power supplies at their business places and homes. A UPS provides an instant power supply that keeps your critical devices such as computers and other equipment running without any trouble. In addition, the manufacturer designs UPS in a way that it automatically starts, providing backup electricity, and eliminating the chances of any glitches, and power surges, which allows you to safely shut down the computer and other critical appliances.

Cons of UPS

The major disadvantage of buying UPS is that their batteries do not support appliances that require heavy power for instance Iron, Fridges, etc. Therefore, UPS is not suitable for houses that are in areas of frequent power outages.

Pros of Generator

Besides the weight, portable generators can be carried from one place to another. This is because of the wheels attached to them, which makes them portable and easier to use in other places, unlike the UPS system. The most beneficial thing about generators is that no special wiring or installation is required for the generators to work. You can just turn the main system off, start the generator, and use any switch to plug it in to use it.

Cons of Generator

Although generators produce electricity for most of your house appliances, one of the worst sides of using a generator is that you will have to hear a loud noise. However, generators need regular maintenance which is a major reason why people don’t prefer using a generator at their homes or workplace.

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